How fit do I need to be to attend an AirSpace Class?

At AirSpace we pride ourselves on being able to manage multiple skill levels in one class and believe its one of the things that makes our classes so special. It lets the new people see people just like them doing cool things, and for the more experienced students, they are able to pass on tips to the next-gen and pass on the same help they got as new beginners!

Unless you’re recovering from a particular injury, AirSpace classes are for every level of fitness and experience!

What's an inversion?

A pose or exercise movement that’s practiced upside-down.

Will I get dizzy doing inversions?

Most people are fine when they first invert, however you may feel a little dizzy after a while if you are prone to motion sickness. Inversions generally become easier and more comfortable over time through patience and practice.

If you feel dizzy or unwell, please let your teacher know. You are welcome to rest at any stage during a class.

How much of the class is spent upside-down?

Not all of it! Classes are a carefully considered mix of inversions and groundwork with props such as the hammock and gymnastic rings used for support.

What are the hammocks made out of and are they safe?

Our hammocks are made from exactly the same material as the silks used by Cirque Du Soleil and can withstand up to 2,000kg (that’s basically the weight of a four-person family in a Mini Cooper with a full tank of gas!)

Can I still train if I have an injury?

If you have an injury it’s important you ensure you have clearance from a doctor before you participate in a class, and that you let our teachers know beforehand too.

Aerial weight-bearing exercise can benefit many people with chronic pain by helping the body regain its balance between strength and flexibility, movement and awareness. For some conditions we can adjust exercises where necessary. Our AirRelease classes or one-on-one Personal Training may be most suitable depending on your injury or condition.

In short, it depends. Ultimately, it’s best you make the call yourself as to whether aerial bodyweight fitness is right for you based on your circumstances as well as your doctor’s advice.

Can I attend AirSpace classes if I'm pregnant?

The right kind of exercise can be beneficial during pregnancy, but it’s very important to ensure your obstetrician clears you for classes and let your teacher know you’re pregnant. Any twisting poses, inversions or abdominally focused poses (as well as lying on your belly) should be avoided.

Balancing poses can get tougher as pregnancy progresses, but the hammock and blocks can be used for support. We encourage you to rest and take bathroom breaks whenever you need to during class, and drink plenty of water.

Please note, the above is what we recommend for existing AirSpace students. We don’t recommend starting as a new student while pregnant.

Is there a minimum age requirement at AirSpace?

Students must be aged 15 or over to attend AirSpace classes, however exceptions may be made for children who excel in gymnastics or ballet. Please enquire directly with our team for more information.

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